Many real estate investors are not aware that they can avoid the whole mortgage process and buy investment property within their own IRA.  How is this an advantage?  No bank fees, no interest paid to the bank, no appraisals, and best of all, no taxes on your annual rental revenue.  By moving your IRA account to a "Self Directed IRA Custodian" you are no longer restricted to the limited stock investments of your IRA plan.  One option available in a self-directed plan is to invest your IRA funds in real estate investments (real estate you or your direct family members will personally use is not alllowed and can lead to severe financial penalties).  Think about the beneits of purchasing a rental property for cash within your IRA and then taking the monthly rents and putting them back into your tax free IRA.  I am familar with the process because I do it within my own IRA.  I have purchased real estate, purchased mortgages, and given mortgages to others; all within my IRA ,with all revenue going back into my account tax free.  This is an often overlooked and misunderstood financial planning tool that everyone should explore.  Call me for details.