This Spring Season it looks like iStar once again takes the lead in the transformation of Asbury Park's waterfront.

The New York Post has just reported that iStar's super luxury condo development, The Monroe, is hitting the market at a price point of $ 445,000 to $ 1,200,000. These 1-3 bedroom condominiums will range from 700 to 1,600 sq feet. At $ 635 to $ 750/sq foot these are on the high end of Asbury Park's numbers, but my guess is they will look inexpensive two years from now when iStar is finishing up the new 16 story oceanfront tower. Located on the edge of downtown and super close to the beach, this complex designed by architect Chad Oppenheim and with creative design by Anda Andrei, will lift the level of expectations for architecture and design for future projects in town.

You might think that construction on 1101 Ocean Avenue and The Monroe Building would be enough to keep iStar busy, but one look at their new hotel, The Asbury, will make you happy they don't know when to quit. This new building has changed the look of the waterfront in what seems to have been done at record speed. Designed by Stonehill & Taylor and to be operated by David Bowd; The Asbury will feature an outdoor pool, a 4,000 sq foot roofdeck, beer & food truck vending area, etc; this is not going to be a hotel, it's going to become a true Asbury destination.

Lastly with Spring here, be sure to check out Pat Fasano's new "expansion" of The Bond Street Bar. As he expands from Bond Street out to Cookman and Mattison Avenues, the cheap eats and drinks just get better and better. As we say in Asbury, the only constant is change.