The events which mark the story of Asbury Park within the last 15 years are many. None, however, is more exemplary of progress itself than the transformation of the beachfront from a center of inadequate buildings and a narrow boardwalk to a magic promenade studded with beauteous structures.

On the edge of the sea have risen ten municipal projects, each an important part of a comprehensive reconstruction program which has brought great fame to the city and moulded the future of the North Jersey Shore.

The careful planning of this program has necessitated the advice of experts. The results have been manifold, but most important of all is the fact that private capitalists who have stood by and seen a municipality exhibit confidence in its own future by the erection of great buildings are now convinced that the greatest return on their money is to be secured by investments in Asbury Park.

Already the beach has brought a monetary return to the city. The great profits that are bound to accrue from such progressive plans as those followed by Asbury Park officials, however, are yet to come. they are not far distant. Negotiations are now underway for additional hotel facilities; finer beachfront attractions, and larger conventions.

If you were reading through this quickly you might have thought it was just another article touting Madison Marquette and iStar, Inc in The New York Times or Esquire magazine; but in fact this article was written by The Progressive Citizens League in 1931 and printed at that time in "The Story of Asbury Park".

85 years after this was written it couldn't be more true today! Asbury Park is back and better than ever!